Oral Surgeons & Maxillofacial Cosmetic Surgery.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is one of the most complex dentistry fields as it is based on diagnosis and intervention to the face, mouth, teeth as well as joints (maxillofacial area). Expertise, vision and a gentle approach allow DENT ESTET to treat patients conservatively and comprehensively.

DENT ESTET team has the best practitioners in oral surgery, each of them being highly trained and certified.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery enables surgical interventions including:

  • teeth extractions
  • teeth remodelling through dental implants
  • gum remodelling
  • treatment of dental-periodontal conditions
  • treatment of mandible and jaw fractures
  • treatment of dental jaw abnormalities
  • resection of tumours within the oral cavity.

Out of these, the most common surgical procedures are dental implants, as they are considered optimal solutions for replacing a missing tooth.

What is the role of the dental implant?

  • it replaces the root of the missing tooth and prevents neighbouring teeth shifting
  • it allows fixed prostheses in situations when removable prostheses would be required
  • it stops bone atrophy process
  • it prevents gum recession and bone resorption
  • it has an essential role in cosmetic dentistry.

DENT ESTET implantologists are committed to help you obtain not only a replacement tooth, but mainly an optimal bio-aesthetic solution for your dental health …

When you choose the implant-prosthetic treatment and the implant surgeon, you must consider several factors. Here you can find information about choosing the implantologist.