Affordable Orthodontic Treatment In Romania

Studies run by specialists show us that a person with beautiful and healthy teeth smiles more, is healthier and is more self-confident.

Incognito Lingual Braces

NCOGNITO® is an innovative bracket system invented in 2002 by the German doctor Dirk Wiechmann, as it is the most popular lingual brace in the European Union, USA and Russia.

INCOGNITO® – invisible braces, show a series of benefits that make them extremely attractive for adults with a busy professional and social life, who wish to obtain the desired results quickly and with minimum efforts.

DENT ESTET is the first dental clinic in Romania that has introduced the innovative INCOGNITO® dental braces and, at the same time, the first dental clinic with a certified specialist – in the person of DR. IANA DILĂ (see CV), where numerous patients benefit from the outcome offered by INCOGNITO®.


The braces are COMPLETELY INVISIBLE from the outside!

The braces are crafted following the analysis and COMPUTER SCANNING of the teeth model performed in a single laboratory in the world, located in GERMANY, and can only be mounted by specialists certified by Dr. Dirk Wiechmann, Germany.

2 GREAT ADVANTAGES – because they are made of high-purity gold alloy:

  • They completely eliminate the risk of allergy
  • The completely reduce decay development

Although these are fixed dental braces, the personalized design of the INCOGNITO® braces makes the discomfort caused by the familiarization to it very short. In two weeks at the most you won’t even feel that you’re wearing braces:



Orthodontist Prices

It is true that invisible braces have a higher price than the classical orthodontic appliances, but they also exceed in benefits. Invisible braces are more comfortable and aesthetic. So, you can smile confident at any time, while your appearance changes for the better every day.

Payment Options

At DENT ESTET we offer a variety of payment options designed to meet your financial needs and which enable you to comfortably benefit of the excellent dental treatment that you will receive. Please request a quote here and we will make sure that you will enjoy a quality dental treatment at affordable prices.