Facial Aesthetics – Inspire Packages

Our Facial Aesthetic Clinic Brings You Inspire Concept: Cosmetic Dentistry & Facial Treatments Under Same Anaesthesia

At DENT ESTET we offer a range of cosmetic dermatological procedures that will visibly rejuvenate your appearance and offer you a flawless look. To us, aesthetics is more than a beautiful smile.

Following the model of USA dental clinics, we have designed the INSPIRE® program by means of which you benefit from cosmetic dentistry and facial cosmetic procedures during one appointment at DENT ESTET. Thus, we offer you the chance to choose the most effective injection solutions for wrinkle reduction, facial contour correction and lip remodelling.

Through this unique program we aim at bringing our patients’ comfort to another level:

  • Treatments are performed by the only team of dentists in Romania certified by AAFC (American Academy of Facial Cosmetics)
  • Cosmetic treatments are performed painlessly due to the modern anaesthesia techniques used in dentistry
  • Treatments are performed in the same location.

INSPIRE® packages – Cosmetic dentistry and facial cosmetics

The INSPIRE® concept is based on a new technique consisting of cosmetic dentistry and facial cosmetic treatment performed under the same anaesthesia, thus reducing the discomfort caused by pain and long hours in the practice. With the aid of DENT ESTET specialists in cosmetic dentistry and facial cosmetics, you can benefit from remarkable appearance transformations due to treatment solutions customized to your aesthetic needs.


INSPIRE®  specialists constantly participate in congresses and international courses of cosmetic dentistry and facial cosmetics in order to be able to offer you the latest treatments and rejuvenation solutions and they are the only specialists in Romania certified by AAFC  (American Academy of Facial Cosmetics)

Botox Treatment

Botox makes you look 10 years younger in less than 10 minutes!

Due to its outstanding effects and to the simple procedure, Botox injections have become #1 in the top of youth elixirs in the USA. In 2010, about 3 million Americans have resorted to this kind of treatment and their number has increased significantly lately.

Botox can restore your youth without any compromise, at any age. Everyday we meet ladies aged 30, 50 and even 70, who wish a smooth complexion, a firmer skin as well as increasingly more men concerned by their appearance. People are no longer interested in facial treatment that can reduce their wrinkles, people are interested in BOTOX!

3 reasons why Botox is “the most popular cosmetic injection”

  • The results are amazing – The results of Botox injections are amazing as they remove provisionally the glabellar lines (between the eyebrows), in the forehead area, periorbital wrinkles (goosefoot) or perioral wrinkles.
  • This is a safe procedure – The treatment is easy, non-surgical, lasts between 10 and 15 minutes and does no require a recovery period. As the procedure is so simple, it does not require anaesthesia and has no adverse effects.
  • Low costs – Many people do not choose this procedure because of the preconception that Botox is expensive. Although periodical sessions are required in order to achieve a permanent transformation, the total cost of sessions is very low compared to other procedures with similar effects.

7 Things you should know about BOTOX injections

  • Perform continuous movements of face muscles for 1-2 hours following the treatment in order for the solution to be absorbed accordingly.
  • Avoid antibiotics, painkillers or Vitamin E in order to avoid bruising in the treated area.
  • Avoid massaging the area for 4 hours following the treatment. During this period, it is also recommended to avoid making efforts and sauna exposure in order to avoid blood pressure increase and the bruising of the area.
  • Do not put high pressure on the treated area for 4 hours following the treatment. Only use make-up if necessary and very carefully.
  • The maximal effect can be seen within 14 days following the treatment. As this is a temporary procedure, it is possible for the results of the first treatment to last between 3 and 4 months. But in time results will last more than 5 months if you adhere entirely to the doctor’s indications.
  • DENT ESTET specialists recommend new patients to return within 3-4 months for a check-up in order to see the progress of the treatment.
  • Through BOTOX Recall program we care about each patient’s health, beauty and comfort. DENT ESTET will remind you when 3 months from the treatment have passed, thus offering you the chance to make an early appointment for a new Botox session.


Derma Filler – 100% Pain Free!

Derma Filler (hyaluronic acid injection) ensure skin firmness, offers volume to your lips and redefines your smile.
Due to filling products undertaking the natural functions of lips, these have a clearer contour. Moreover, hyaluronic acid injection is also appropriate for smokers because it has the capacity of removing wrinkles around the mouth!
We believe that a natural smile defines a successful treatment and this is why changes will not be drastic but they will emphasize the defining features of your face.

What does this type of treatment involve?

First, the cosmetic dentistry specialist applies a local anaesthetic in the area to be treated. When the lip is completely numb, the hyaluronic acid is injected gradually in order to plump your lips and redefine your smile or to remove unaesthetic wrinkles.

Is this treatment painful?

The anaesthesia performed by the cosmetic dentistry and facial cosmetics professional will ensure a painless treatment. As opposed to anaesthetic creams traditionally used for this kind of procedures, the anaesthetic used by the cosmetic dentistry and facial cosmetics professional has a precise action, is more effective and takes effect immediately. This is one of the main advantages of the INSPIRE® program.

How long does the procedure take?

The treatment takes at most 20 minutes but can vary depending on the transformation degree.

How long does the effect of the treatment last?

The results are long-term but not permanent. The effect varies from one person to another and it depends on several factors (age, type of skin, injection site, lifestyle, muscle activity, technique used). The appearance is generally maintained for 6 months to 1 year.

Which are the post-injection indications?

The area around the lips is highly vascularised and thus it swells more than other areas but the doctor will recommend you products to relieve the oedema.Avoid massaging the treated area during the first 48 hours. When redness and the oedema disappear, avoid exposure to cold or to intense heat.