Dental Implants in Romania. Teeth Implants That Are Affordable

Smiling with confidence makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. If you hide or avoid smiling because of missing teeth, a specialist in dental implantology will help you enjoy again every happy moment, look younger and eat your favourite food.



  • we have a team of well-experienced experts in dental implantology
  • we use the ultimate technology and materials for successful treatment results
  • each patient is carefully evaluated and treated
  • you enjoy the best dental treatment  and also take a moment to relax during your holiday in Romania
  • you benefit of an affordable financial plan.

Even young people occasionally require single or multiple teeth replaced with dental implants due to some accident they had involving a skateboard, a bicycle or something along those lines. On the other hand, tooth loss can also frequently be the result of tooth decay, periodontal disease (a chronic and acute bacterial infection of the gums) and dental caries.
You can NOW benefit of the best team in dental implantology in Romania!

About Dental Implants

What is a dental implant?
The dental implant is a biocompatible replacement for the root of a tooth. Made of high quality titanium and inserted through a simple surgical procedure, the implant becomes integrated to the jaw bone and serves as a post for the tooth, crown or bridge. The dental implant ensures normal chewing, comparable to natural teeth chewing. Moreover, the dental implant inhibits bone atrophy, prevents teeth shifting and gingival recession.

The dental implant is recommended to any person who needs one or more teeth or even a complex maxillofacial reconstruction. The basic conditions for choosing this solution include a good overall health or the quality or the amount of bone where the implant is to be inserted. That is why the procedure starts through a set of investigations carefully performed by our team of professionals.
6 Benefits of Dental Implants
Using dental implants to replace missing, irreparably cracked, decayed and broken down teeth affords the following benefits:

Complete restoration of oral aesthetics: Dental implants help fill the gaps left by missing teeth and restore the confidence that naturally goes with a beautiful smile.

Complete restoration of oral functionality: Dental implant restorations function and feel very much like healthy natural teeth, so patients can return to their normal diets once the base implants have properly ‘osseointegrated’ with the jaw. This means eating all the foods you used to love but couldn’t enjoy with missing teeth and inadequate bridge work.

Long-term solution: Dental implants generally have a lifetime of decades. If looked after properly with good oral hygiene and regular visits to the implantologist, they can even last a lifetime! This makes them the perfect long-term solution to single or multiple missing teeth.

Improved speech: Our teeth play an essential role in speech and articulation and it only takes one to go missing for this ability to be compromised. Dental implants successfully help fill the gaps and restore the proper interaction of the teeth with the tongue and lips during speech.

Minimal discomfort: Sophisticated computer software and 3D virtual imaging enable the oral surgeons at DENT ESTET to insert dental implants using minimal incisions and sutures. This means minimal post-operative pain and discomfort and a much shorter recovery period.

No pain: DENT ESTET is the first clinic that introduced in Romania a modern technique of eliminating the fear and pain experienced by the patient: Sleeping Dentistry. This involves the administration of a drug which enables the performance of the dental implant procedure under peaceful and relaxing conditions.

100% Success Rates
The success rates recorded are 100%. These vary according to the overall health and mainly to the subsequent hygiene. Without an appropriate maintenance, various conditions can occur that could lead to infection and, subsequently, to losing the implant.
We recommend you:

  • To consider the importance of an appropriate dental hygiene. Dental implants, artificial teeth and the gum tissue must be kept clean – you can use specifically designed toothbrushes such as the interdental toothbrush in order to maintain clean the neighbouring areas of the tooth, gums and metallic supports.
  • To see your dentist regularly- every 6 months or at most 1 year.
  • To avoid potential detrimental products – ice cream, sweets, coffee, cigarettes.

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth
According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, a staggering 70% of people between the ages of 35 and 44 are missing at least one of their original adult teeth. However, a lot of them continue to put off their appointments with the dentist.
In addition to the many benefits dental implants have as a tooth replacement solution, they also help to keep your jaw healthy and strong when it would otherwise atrophy as a result of tooth loss. Ironically, one of the main causes of tooth loss is tooth loss in the first place!
When a tooth falls out as a result of decay or accidental trauma, the important role the root played in bone maintenance is lost as well and its neighboring teeth can begin to shift because of the gap left behind. This instability often travels from one tooth to the next. This process that creates the ‘sunken’ and aged appearance we frequently associate with the look of the elderly or denture-wearing patients.
One of main reasons that we at DENT ESTET always recommend that patients to have their teeth replaced with dental implants, is maintaining the health of the entire mouth.

Experts in Implantology

Choosing your dental implant specialist represents a very important step in the process. It is highly recommended to carefully select your doctor from the first intervention, to be sure the dental implant treatment will be a real success.
At DENT ESTET, you will find a very well trained Implantology team, with specialized doctors in dental implants in USA and Europe. Our specialists in dental implant work with the most revolutionary equipment in modern dentistry.

Affordable Financial Plan

The decision regarding performing a dental implant intervention implies 2 very important aspects: the medical team and the total cost of the treatment. At DENT ESTET, you won’t have to worry for any of the two, because apart from the super specialized Implantology team, we offer our patients various financial plans, so the patient can find the perfect mix for a successful treatment.
If you are interested in learning more about our financial options, please request a quote and you will receive our reply in the shortest time.

Before & After Care

Choosing a dental implant procedure outside your country might raise a series of questions regarding the before and after care plan. Here at DENT ESTET we have great experience with foreign patients and we are dedicated to offering to them the most comfortable and professional experience. Through our accommodation partners and the modern technologies and equipments used in our clinics, we have created the professional environment for a successful treatment plan.
Apart the professional care that you will enjoy while staying at DENT ESTET, it is also very important that you maintain your results once you get back to UK, by respecting regular check-ups and professional cleanings. By prior arrangement, after care and check-ups can be provided at our partner clinics.
Find out more about the after care here

Same Day Dental Implant on Your Holiday Abroad

Fast and Fixed Revolutionary System

Do you need several dental implants? Then this is the solution you are looking for!

DENT ESTET offers you the easiest, quick and minimally invasive method for achieving a smile makeover, combining German technology perfection and the experience of our experts in dental implantology: Fast & Fixed System by Bredent!
Fast & Fixed System – Extraction + Implant insertion + Immediate denture placement
According to a study recently run by ADA (American Dental Association), over 30% of the people having several missing teeth, mainly front teeth, miss the opportunity of having a perfectly functional smile due to time, costs and effort required by the insertion of several dental implants.

But now, a simple, quick and minimally invasive solution for dental restoration is available: Fast & Fixed by Bredent. Dr. Georg Bayer, the inventor of this system, has developed it to increase patient comfort and provide them with a real and perfectly functional solution for the replacement of missing teeth.

How does the Fast & Fixed System function?

Angulated dental implants (35°) used for this procedure enable the bone to function as a perfect biomechanical support for the restoration. Moreover, the time required for the procedure is significantly reduced due to the fact that the entirely passive temporary bridge is crafted in about 2 hours. These one-piece dental implants are inserted in the bone through a small opening in the gums and they allow the immediate attachment of a fixed denture.

Top 5 Immediate benefits – Fast & Fix by Bredent

Fast & Fixed allows the design and placement of the fixed full denture on the dental implant on the same day when the implant is inserted. Thus, the new tooth will have a natural appearance and will be 100% functional from the first day.

As opposed to the denture used until now, until the placement of the definitive restoration, Fast&Fixed uses fixed dentures, identical to natural teeth; once placed on the dental implant, the patient feels no discomfort when talking or chewing.

Fast & Fixed system determines the reduction of the number of dental implants to be inserted and eliminates the need for treatments additional to dental implants such as bone graft and, in some cases, sinus lift. Thus, patients benefit from a simplified treatment plan and costs reduced with up to € 7000.

The system developed by the well-known German company Bredent has been tested on repeated occasions in order to prove its faultless quality. Thus, patients who choose this immediate prosthesis system benefit from a 20 year warranty. See the conditions!

You can have a new and painless smile in 24 hours! Due to the anesthesia techniques available at DENT ESTET, the dental implant is easily and painlessly inserted. Read more about Sleeping Dentistry!

A great advantage of this system is that it eliminates the need for certain advanced augmentation procedures, such as: sinus lift, nerve repositioning, bone graft, etc. Thus, after 1 day, the patients treat conditions whose treatment would normally require 1 year.