Dental Prosthetics & Reconstructive Dentistry in Romania: better cost for crowns, bridges, veneers

Crowns – Bridges – Veneers – Dentures

The purpose of prosthetics is to restore and provide the functional, aesthetic and psychological balance for the patient. Missing a tooth or a group of teeth leaves a free space on the arcade and can cause physiognomy, phonetic and masticatory disorders, which can cause periodontal, joint or digestive diseases.

The crown is recommended when the tooth has lost a significant amount of its structure. It maintains the natural appearance of the tooth and it can last over 10 years if the dental hygiene and prophylaxis principles are followed.

Bridges replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge is virtually supported by means of crowns on polished teeth or neighbouring implants as it consists of one or two teeth made of a material in accordance with bio-aesthetic principles.
Bridges and crowns can be:
all-ceramic or made of zirconium
metal ceramic.

  • all-ceramic or made of zirconium
  • metal ceramic.

Dentures are intended to people who have lost a large number of their teeth. Dentures can be: full or partial, fixed or removable Full dentures replace all the teeth while partial dentures are usually attached no natural teeth remaining on the arch, as most times it is required to attach dental crowns on them.

Dentures can be made of acrylic materials or resins or metal ceramic materials.

Inlays and Onlays – as they are minimally-invasive, these are an alternative to fillings when the a large amount of tissue has been lost from the occlusal surface; however, it is not recommended to use dental crowns for the restoration.

Perfect outcomes in dental restorations are the result of an intense effort of the team of doctors with experience in various dentistry fields: prosthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, surgeons, orthodontists.

Veneers – they are mainly used for aesthetic purposes. Dental veneers help solving the unpleasant appearance of a tooth, including: discoloration, irregular surface or shape. Dental veneers are usually made of ceramics.

Our specialists in prosthetics succeed to restore your  perfect dream smile in a very short period when:

  • you can reconstruct denture whose shape or structure were changed
  • when one or more teeth are lost
  • if teeth have enamel deficiencies
  • in cases of major dental staining that cannot be corrected through professional whitening.

Prosthetic reconstructions can be:

  • prosthetic restorations – crowns or bridges
  • fixed or removable dentures
  • veneers
  • inlays and onlays

6 Advantages of Lumineers Veneers in Romania, Beside Cost.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

How have these veneers met the requirements of Beverly Hills stars? Why do dentists worldwide and definitely patients prefer them?
The answer is simple and is based on the 6 main advantages of Lumineers veneers:

1. No tooth polishing needed

Because they are thinner than other types of veneers, in most cases it is not necessary to polish the tooth in advance, as their appearances is very natural. Moreover, due to the simplicity of Lumineers veneers, the treatment duration is shorter.
What is the major benefit of this quality? The treatment is reversible due to the lack of polishing.

2. No anaesthesia required

Due to the fact that the tooth on which the veneer is applied does not need polishing, the treatment is minimally invasive and painless.

3. No temporary veneers required

Different from other types of veneers that require tooth polishing in order to apply them and obtain a natural appearance, the treatment with Lumineers does not require the application of temporary veneers to hide the natural tooth.
Moreover, it takes only 2 visits to the cosmetic dentistry professional. During the first visit, the dentist takes a mould and the veneers are cemented into place after 4-6 weeks (during which time the mould is sent to Santa-Maria, California, where Lumineers veneers are crafted and sent back to us).

4. They are life-guaranteed

Lumineers are crafted in the USA and they are customized depending on the needs and wishes of every patient. Due to their precision crafting, these veneers ensure a successful and durable treatment as they are sent from California along with their lifetime warranty certificate.

The only condition for not losing this warranty is to remember the periodical preventive visits – every 6 months. Through Dental Recall program, you will surely not forget about the preventive visit!

5. They can be applied over old crowns

If your crowns are no longer aesthetically appropriate, you can refer to Lumineers veneers at any time. Thus, you will save time, your smile will be whiter and its flawless appearance will last  20 years at least.

6. No denture sensitivity following the treatment

As this is a minimally invasive treatment that does not require tooth polishing, there is no tooth sensitivity following Lumineers veneer application as it happens with certain types of veneers. Your smile will look incredible immediately!

This should not surprise us if we consider the fact that this is the only type of veneers in the world for which studies extending over 20 years were run.

Attention! In order to make sure they are crafted in full harmony with your overall appearance and they match perfectly with the structure of your face, choose a cosmetic dentistry specialist who is certified to perform this type of treatment!

Dr. Ionela Dumitru, the specialist who has introduced this type of veneers in Romania, is one of the few cosmetic dentistry specialists who was awarded Lumineers certification.

Teeth Porcelain Veners Has Better Costs

In Romania Zirconium Veneers – Excellent Crafted & Guaranteed

One of the factors determining social and professional success consists of healthy teeth but this is not enough. Teeth must also be very beautiful in order to offer a pleasant smile to the others and to feel self-confident and comfortable with ourselves.

Veneers are recommended if you have:

  • Unaesthetic gaps between the teeth
  • Dento-alveolar incongruence ( minor and moderate dental “agglomeration”)
  • Small and medium internal teeth coloration (tetracycline and fluorosis)
  • Unaesthetic shapes and dimensions of certain teeth
  • Dental trauma or carious lesions along with moderate loss of dental substance
  • Teeth with inhomogeneous surface texture.

Patients prefer treatment through dental veneers because:

  • They require minor polishing of the exterior surface of the teeth (0.6 mm)
  • They preserve teeth vitality
  • They are highly matched to physiognomy
  • The teeth restored have no black shades near the gums (as they do not have a metal substructure)
  • Texture and translucence are similar to those of natural teeth
  • There are no allergic reactions due to dental ceramics biocompatibility
  • The gum is protected during polishing, impression acquirement and bonding (the restoration limit can be placed just near the gum).
  • Zirconium veneers are a special type of porcelain veneers, obtained through computer milling, using the CAD-CAM (Cerec) System.
  • The difference between these veneers and the classic porcelain veneers is that zirconium veneers are obtained by means of the computer.

Advantages of zirconium veneers:

  • Highly-improved aesthetics
  • Much shorter crafting time
  • High accuracy degree
  • Porcelain quality is outstanding which means that not only the veneers look very good but they also are very strong.
  • By means of the computerized milling system, the veneers are identical to the neighbouring natural tooth, both in terms of colour and size.

Porcelain veneers are the restorations with the highest match to physiognomy as well as the most delicate. They are crafted through complex layering techniques determined by the minimal space available while teeth preparation, teeth impression and bonding are also extremely sophisticated procedures that can only be performed by specialists.

The number of dentists who truly succeed in obtaining porcelain veneers as the complexity of their crafting technique is an obstacle for many dentists in Romania.

DENT ESTET guarantees the production of outstanding porcelain veneers, crafted professionally and under maximum safety conditions.