24h Dental Facelift, facelift in only ONE DAY using dental cosmetics
Choose to look 10 years younger!

The Facelift through dental reconstruction involves the usage of cosmetic procedures that give the effect of the traditional facelift.

As we age, the dental arches, especially the inferior one, have the tendency to withdraw, changing the entire physiognomy. Thanks to the modern methods of dental and facial aesthetics 24h Dental FaceLift®, these problems can be removed in one day only! Lips regain their volume, complexion becomes more firm and brighter, and the smile completes your perfect look.

Reinvent your appearance with 24h Dental FaceLift® and choose one or more of the latest procedures in dental and facial aesthetics: from the Fast&Fixed revolutionary implant system, Lumineers veneers or the last generation whitening technique using ZOOM lamp to facial aesthetics procedures with Botox or hyaluronic acid.

How do these procedures transform your look?

The normal aging process implies the decrease of the collagen and elastin level, and teeth loss can lead to major changes in the general physiognomy. All these dental and facial reconstruction have miraculous rejuvenation effects. Based on the international studies, over 80% of the people who benefit from these treatments enjoy a rejuvenated look that it shows.

DENT ESTET specialists in dental aesthetics certified in USA help you regain your glow, your youth and your confidence.

  • One or more missing teeth
  • Prosthetics deteriorated work
  • Blunt or disproportionate teeth
  • …or a patient that wants to obtain the perfect look in a very short period of time!
  • Schedule a 24h Dental facelift appointment
  • Choose one or more of the 4 treatment solutions
  • Visualize your perfect smile through Digital Smile Design technology
  • Obtain a 10 years rejuvenated look…in only 24h

Rediscover your perfect smile

24h Dental FaceLift® is a dental and aesthetic concept that changes the physiognomy of the patient.

This unique concept offers the interested persons the chance to a facial makeover in only 24 hours, using the most revolutionary and innovative dental techniques and facial aesthetics procedures.

Missing teeth or just want a fresh look, 24h Dental Facelift® offers you the fastest and more efficient solutions so you can look up to 10 years younger.

Specialized medical team

24h Dental Facelift® team gathers dentists specialized in USA and Europe, always in touch with the latest procedures and technologies in dentistry and facial aesthetics. The latest equipment and the medical expertise are expressing the Excellency in dental services, making DENT ESTET the first choice of the patients in Romania and from abroad.

24h Dental Facelift® promises

  • The commitment to offer top dental services to our patients
  • Care, consultancy, and high quality treatments
  • Improving patients’ life quality
  • Using the best techniques and materials
  • High attention to the specific need of each patient
  • Complete support in choosing the suitable treatment plan

Become a 24h Dental FaceLift® patient and benefit of the most advanced dental techniques and the best care from our Implantology specialists. Furthermore, you are access free to the most modern dental solutions and consultancy in choosing a personalized treatment plan.

24h Dental Facelift Treatments

The 24h Dental Facelift treatments are complex, including multiple dental implant systems, professional whitening and facial aesthetic procedures. All of these offer immediate results, by only spending a couple of hours in the dentist’s office, under the professional surveillance of the medical personnel. In one day only, you can obtain a completely new and fresh look, that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

The Fast&Fixed system – “New smile in only 24h”

Lumineers Veneers – “Beautiful smile. Beautiful you”

ZOOM Whitening system – “Your whitest smile…is only 45 minutes away”

The INSPIRE Program with Botox and Derma Filler

The procedure is adequate to patients who wish to reconstruct their smile.


  • Immediate results
  • Pain-free
  • Implant + Prosthetic in only 24h
  • 100% aesthetic result
  • 60% less costs on the treatment plan
  • 20 years guarantee

“In the past, patients with missing teeth had to go through long and difficult treatment stages. Nowadays, modern dentistry allows us to use an extraordinary solution for the smile reconstruction, made possible in one day only. Thanks to Fast&Fixed I could restore the confident smiles of my patients, many of whom did not believe they could regain the teeth functions and most of all, their confidence.”
Dr. Alexandru Georgescu, Implantology dentist

“I didn’t believe that my life would change forever in one day. Fast&Fixed is one of the greatest things invented, now I can smile with confidence again.”

Fast and Fixed Revolutionary System

Do you need several dental implants? Then this is the solution you are looking for!

DENT ESTET offers you the most simple, quick and minimally invasive method to achieve a smile makeover, combining German technology perfection and the experience of our experts in dental implantology: Fast & Fixed System by Bredent!
Fast & Fixed System – Extraction + Implant insertion + Immediate denture placement
According to a study recently run by ADA (American Dental Association), over 30% of the people having several missing teeth, mainly front teeth, miss the opportunity of having a perfectly functional smile due to time, costs and effort required by the insertion of several dental implants.

But now, a simple, quick and minimally invasive solution for dental restoration is available: Fast & Fixed by Bredent. Dr. Georg Bayer, the inventor of this system, has developed it especially to increase patient comfort and to provide them with a real and perfectly functional solution for the replacement of missing teeth.

How does the Fast & Fixed System function?

Angulated dental implants (35°) used for this procedure enable the bone to function as a perfectly biomechanical support for the restoration. Moreover, the time required for the procedure is significantly reduced due to the fact that the entirely passive temporary bridge is crafted in about 2 hours. These one-piece dental implants are inserted in the bone through a small opening in the gums and they allow the immediate attachment of a fixed denture.

Top 5 Immediate benefits – Fast & Fix by Bredent

1. Immediate denture placement – total comfort

Fast & Fixed allows the design and placement of the fixed full denture on the dental implant on the same day when the implant is inserted. Thus, the new tooth will have a natural appearance and will be 100% functional from the first day.

Different from the previous denture solutions, Fast&Fixed uses fixed dentures which are identical to natural teeth, until the placement of the definitive restoration; once placed on the dental implant, the patient feels no discomfort when talking or chewing.

2. 60% savings for the treatment plan

Fast & Fixed system determines the reduction of the number of dental implants to be inserted and eliminates the need for additional treatments to dental implants such as bone graft and, in some cases, sinus lift. Thus, patients benefit from a simplified treatment plan and costs reduced with up to € 7000.

3. 20 year warranty

The system developed by the well-known German company Bredent has been tested on repeated occasions in order to prove its faultless quality. Thus, patients who choose this immediate prosthesis system benefit from a 20 year warranty. See the conditions!

4. Painless dental implant

You can have a new and painless smile in 24 hours! Due to the anesthesia techniques available at DENT ESTET, the dental implant is easily and painlessly inserted. Read more about Sleeping Dentistry!

5. Reduced treatment duration

A great advantage of this system is that it eliminates the need for certain advanced augmentation procedures, such as: sinus lift, nerve repositioning and bone graft. As a result, in one day, the doctors deliver treatments that would normally require 1 year.

Patients with unaesthetic interdental spaces, minor crowded teeth, coloration, unaesthetic shapes or dimensions of certain teeth or cavities can get a new smile in  one session only at the dentist.

“The reason I chose dentistry is offering people the chance to smile again, and now I am glad that I can do this in only a couple of hours with Lumineers.”
Dr. Ionela Dumitru, dentist specialized in Dental Aesthetics.

“I have never been happy with my smile, but in one session my teeth look amazing. Lumineers changed my life for the better, that’s for sure!”

6 Advantages of Lumineers Veneers in Romania, Beside Cost.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

How did these veneers meet the requirements of Beverly Hills stars? Why do dentists worldwide and  patients definitely prefer them?
The answer is simple and is based on 6 main advantages of Lumineers veneers:

1. No tooth polishing needed

Because they are thinner than other types of veneers, in most cases it is not necessary to polish the tooth in advance, as their appearance is very natural. Moreover, due to the simplicity of Lumineers veneers, the treatment duration is shorter.
What is the major benefit of this quality? The treatment is reversible due to the lack of polishing.

2. No anaesthesia required

Because the tooth on which the veneer is applied does not need polishing, the treatment is minimally invasive and painless.

3. No temporary veneers required

In contrast with other types of veneers that require tooth polishing before application, in order to have a natural appearance, the treatment with Lumineers does not require the application of temporary veneers to hide the natural tooth.
Moreover, it takes only 2 visits to the cosmetic dentistry professional. During the first visit, the dentist takes a mould and they are cemented into place after 4-6 weeks (during which time the mould is sent to Santa-Maria, California, where Lumineers veneers are crafted and they are sent back).

4. They are life-guaranteed

Lumineers are crafted in the USA and they are customized depending on the needs and wishes of every patient. Due to their precision crafting, these veneers ensure a successful and durable treatment as they are sent from California along with their lifetime warranty certificate.

The only condition for not losing this warranty is to remember the periodical preventive visits – every 6 months. Through Dental Recall program, you will surely not forget about the preventive visit!

5. They can be applied over old crowns

If your crowns are no longer aesthetically appropriate, you can refer to Lumineers veneers at any time. This way, you will save time, your smile will be whiter and its flawless appearance will last at least 20 years.

6. No denture sensitivity following the treatment

As this is a minimally invasive treatment that does not require tooth polishing, there is no tooth sensitivity following Lumineers veneer application as it happens with certain types of veneers. Your smile will have an immediately incredible appearance!

This should not surprise us if we consider the fact they are the only type of veneers in the world which underwent studies extending over 20 years.
Attention!In order to make sure they are crafted in full harmony with your overall appearance and they match perfectly with the structure of your face, choose a cosmetic dentistry specialist who is certified to perform this type of treatment!
Dr. Ionela Dumitru, the specialist who has introduced this type of veneers in Romania, is one of the few cosmetic dentistry specialists who was awarded Lumineers certification.

ZOOM in the number one whitening system in the world, used by over 10 million patients to obtain a smile that is 8 shades whiter.

“I have tried many whitening systems, but until now, the ZOOM plasma lamp is the best of all.  Only after one hour, my teeth were whiter and remained so even at this point, one year after the procedure.” Patient

“The safety and the efficiency of this procedure are the reasons why patients choose ZOOM, but also the short duration of the treatment. My patients leave the dental office very happy, with an incredible glowing smile in only one hour.”
Dr. Ionela Dumitru, dentist specialized in Dental Aesthetics

To us, the beauty of your smile means more than dental aesthetics. Through the facial aesthetics INSPIRE Program, you can transform your smile so that you can look 10 years younger. With the Botox or the hyaluronic acid injections you can obtain the perfect look with soft lips and skin free of imperfections in only a couple of hours!

“I recommend the INPIRE treatments to all of the patients that want to correct the cosmetic problems, such as wrinkles, thin lips, scars, acne or the bags under eyes. Pain free and 0 discomfort, patients that use these procedures are enjoying a much visible rejuvenated look after only one session in the dental office.”
Dr. Raluca Bucur, dentist specialized in Facial Aesthetics

“My skin looks perfect, I am extremely happy with the results. My face is brighter and I am more confident.”