Dr. Vlad Gingulescu

Dr. Vlad Gingulescu graduated from the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 1997, also the year he started his career as a dentist. In 2011, he joined the DENT ESTET team, as his training and skills in dentistry recommend him to work in this clinic.

Dr. Vlad Gingulescu participates in specializing training courses on a regular basis. Concerned with improving his professional skills, Dr. Gingulescu received numerous certifications following his participating in specializing training courses in dentistry:

  • “Dental Medicine Congress“, A.M.S.P.P.R, November, 2017
  • “Urban International Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Symposium“, Budapest, Hungary, octombrie, 2017
  • “Dental Medicine Congress“, SDR, Bucharest, May, 2017
  • “The Greater New York “, USA, November, 2016,
  •  “A.M.S.P.P.R North Transylvania Congress“, Bucharest, Romania, 2016
  • “Dental Image – the 5th Edition of Digital and Aesthetic Technologies“, Monaco, 2016
  • “The 5th CMD Symposium – Classical therapy versus modern therapeutical procedures“, Iasi, Romania, 2015
  • “The 4th CMD Symposium ”, Iași, Romania, 2014
  • “Advanced techniques in Implantology, Periodontology and Estethic Dentistry”, Bucharest, Romania, 2014
  • “Predictable results in prosthetic dentistry. Microvision approach”, Bucharest, Romania, July 2013
  • “Periodontal surgery: Module 3-GBR și GTR (Guided bone and tissue regeneration)”, Bucharest, Romania, 2013
  • “International Congress of Scientific Communications for students, young doctors and pharmacists”, Tirgu-Mureș, Romania, 2013
  • “Grinding abutments geometry and dental impression techniques”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, March 2012
  • “Dental medicine – interdisciplinary confluences”, Tirgu-Mureș, Romania, March 2012
  • “Esthetic restorations with composite materials – layering and modeling techniques”, Tirgu-Mureș, Romania, September 2011
  • “Principles and techniques in endodontic obturation”, Bucharest, Romania, 2011
  • “Dental medicine Congress, Stomatology from A to Z”, Bucharest, Romania, 2011
  • “Composite resins direct – catalyst for financial and professional success in dental office”, Tirgu-Mureș, România, 2011
  • “Complementary studies in Implantology”, Bucharest, Romania, 2007
  • “The 4th National Conference in Parodontology”, Bucharest, Romania,2009
  • “The 13th edition of International Congress – UNAS”, Bucharest, Romania, 2009,
  • “Estethic Dentistry Symposium”, Târgu-Mureș, Romania, 2005
  • Participant at ,,News in pediatrics”, Tirgu-Mureș, Romania, 2004
  • “Therapeutic attitude in fizionomic restauration with Amelogen Plus composite”, Târgu-Mureș, Romania, 2006
  • “International Congress in Dentistry”,  Bucharest, Romania, 2006
  • Participant at ,,News in dentistry”, Bucharest, Romania, 2006
  • “The 9th International Congress for Oral Implantology”,  Bucharest, Romania, 2006
  • “Dental International Congress”, Bucharest, Romania, 2005
  • Participant at ,,News in oro-dental affections treatment”, Bucharest, Romania, 2005
  • “Dentistry days of Tirgu-Mureș”, Târgu-Mureș, Romania, 2002