Dr. Vanda Popa

Dr. Raluca Popa Vanda became a DENT ESTET team member in 2007. Concern for dental health treatment and innovative techniques led her to pursue numerous university courses in Periodontology and Endodontics.

To enable her to use modern treatment techniques used by world-renowned physicians, Dr. Vanda Popa frequently participates in various training courses both in Romania and abroad:

  • Lasers in dentistry,  Aachen University, Germany, March, 2018
  • Future of Dentistry is here, Biolase, symposium of minimally invasive dentistry, Brasov,  Romania, March, 2018
  • International Symposium – Soft tissue management around teeth and implants – Milano, Italy, February, 2018
  • “TEAM- annual congress in dentistry and dental technique”, Cluj, Romania, June, 2017
  • “Current Concepts in American Dentistry – Advances in cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation”, New York University, USA, March 2016
  • “Surgical interventions on soft tissue in Esthetic”, prof. Zuchelli, Bucharest, Romania, 2015
  • “The management of gingival problems”, prof. Zuchelli, Bucharest, Romania,2015
  • “Symposium 3M”, Bucharest, Romania, 2015
  • “1st International Symposium Perio-Transylvania”, Sibiu, Romania, 2014
  • “Course for using Biolase Epic”, Bucharest, Romania, 2014
  • ”Esthetic Dentistry Marathon”, Poiana Brașov, Romania, 2014
  • “Europerio 7/Europerio 6 “-  Conference of the European Federation of Periodonthology , Vienna/ Stockholm, Austria/Sweden, 2009 and 2012
  • “Congress for Esthetic Dentistry”, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010
  • “Alpha-Bio Tec’s Institute for Advanced Dental Education”, 2010
  • “Non-surgical and surgical endodontics – New therapeutic standards”, Bucharest, Romania, 2008
  • “Dental and Aesthetics treatments with AT Fidelis”, Fotona Workshop, Slovenia, 2008
  • “Oral implantology in oral rehabilitation”, Bucharest, Romania, 2007
  • “News in complex oral rehabilitation – esthetics”, Bucharest, Romania, 2007
  • “Surgical periodontal therapies related to general health status”, Bucharest, Romania, 2007
  • “Restorative periodontics”- prof. Anton Sculean, Hands on, 2008
  • “Congress of European Society of Endodontics”, Istanbul, Turkey, 2007