Dr. Cosmin Anițoiu

Dr. Cosmin Anițoiu has attended the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, of the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest. His passion for the dentistry are of work has aimed him to perfect his theoretical knowledge with some intense internship programs beside excellent doctors with great expertise in dentistry, for the latest 2 years gathering information and practice from the DENT ESTET medical team. Focused on the smile aesthetics field, dr. Anițoiu is specializing in odontotherapy, conservative dentistry and esthetic dentistry.

Dr. Cosmin Anițoiu is also specialized in clinical digital photography, being a great speaker for his colleagues at the University in a course projected for this subject.

Aiming at continuously improving his knowledge in the field, he participates in training courses both in the country and abroad, among which:

  • Digital Smile Design trainer, Bucharest, April, 2018
  • The Orthodontic-Restorative Interface: A Systematic Approach to Working together: Interdisciplinary ortho-prosthetic course, February, 2018
  • Vertiprep – Back to the future, Chișinău , Republica Moldova, September, 2017
  • Team Congress, Collaboration technician and technician in full mouth rehabilitation, Cluj, Romania, June, 2017
  • Dental Club Congress, 9th Edition: “Oral Rehabilitation, an Interdisciplinary Concept”, Braşov, Romania, April, 2017
  • The complete digital workflow with Cad Cam Planmeca, Timișoara, Romania, January, 2017
  • Bioesthetics- FACE protocols- ortho-prosthodontics treatments, Bucharest, January, 2017
  • The Greater New York, SUA, November, 2016
  • Couse and live-op: Abutment and individualized dental crowns for implants with the CEREC system,  Dr.Dan Hersbach & Dr. Bogdan Oprea , 2015, Bucharest
  • Cuourse+hands-on: The Trilaminary technique for making esthetic filling on the posterior teeth,  Dr. Mihaela Chivu, 2015, Bucharest
  • Course+hands-on: Coronary Rehabilitations and resolving unilateral edentulous with glass fiber  – Dr. Mihaela Chivu, 2015, Bucharest
  • Course+hands-On: Reconstruction techniques for endodontic treated teeth in the anterior zone– Dr. Maciej Zarow – 2014, Bucharest
  • Course+hands-On: The Trilaminary original technique for making fillings on the posterior teeth- Dr.Gianfranco Politano, 2014, Bucharest
  • Course+hands-On: The usage of laser in dentistry 2014, Bucharest
  • Course+hands-On: DIRECT COMPOSITE RESTORATIONS (Module 1), dr. Bogdan Oprea, 2014, Ploiești
  • Course+hands-On: DIRECT COMPOSITE RESTORATIONS (Module 2) Dr. Bogdan Oprea, 2014, Ploiești