Dr. Alexandru Georgescu

For Dr. Alex Georgescu, dentistry is more than a profession, it is a lifestyle. A Dentistry graduate of the Medical University “Carol Davila”, dr. Georgescu has been a DENT ESTET team member since its foundation in 1999.
In 2003, he joined the Department of Periodontology, Faculty of Dentistry as Assistant Professor, and three years later he completed his specialization in Oral Implantology, having managed to restore the smiles of hundreds of patients so far. Dr. Georgescu is among the first in Romania to be certified in modern rehabilitation techniques of the Fast & Fixed by Bredent dental implant system.
Equally, Dr. Georgescu took part in numerous research and is the author of over 20 scientific papers.

International congresses and trainings:

“Straumann Congress”, Basel, Elvetia, February
“2nd International Symposium – Soft tissue management around teeth and implants” – Milano, Italy, February

“Managing Aesthetic Challenges in Implant Treatment Strategy” – Madrid, Spain, November
“Urban International Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Symposium” – Budapest, Hungary, October
“Nobel Biocare Zagreb Symposium” – Croatia, September
“Medical treatment act in dentistry”, UNAS, Bucharest, Romania, April

“Straumann Video course about new trends in implantology and regenerative procedures”, Italy, 2016
“Nobel Biocare Symposium, Immediate function and absolute esthetics in implantology”, Bucharest, Romania, 2016

“Perspectives in Perio Implantology and comprehensive dentistry”, Szeged, Hungary, 2015
“Bredent Group Dazs South-East Europe”, Bucharest, Romania, 2015

“Bredent group days SKY Meeting”, Berlin, Germany, 2014
“Advanced techniques in implantology, periodontal and aesthetic dentistry”, Bucharest, Romania, 2014
“1st Annual NYU in Romania Program – Advances in Implantology, Periodontics and Aesthetics”, Dr. Stephen CHU, Bucharest, Romania, 2014

“Perspektivak a Paro-Implantologiaban”, Szeged, Hungary, 2013
“Regeneration and Aestetics in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry”, Bern, Switzerland, 2013
“Surgical Techniques with GBR in various indications”, Bern, Switzerland, 2013
“First Symposium on Membrane in Paro-Implantology”, Timișoara, Romania, 2013
“Bredent Group Days Romania – 2nd SKY Fast and Fixed Forum”, Păltiniș, Romania, 2013
“Sales Course for Dentists – Andrew Jardine”, Bucharest, Romania, 2013

“First International Congress of the Romanian Society of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Prosthetic”, Bucharest, Romania, 2012
“The seventh National Conference of Periodontology”, Bucharest, Romania, 2012
“Perspectives in Periodontology”, Szeged, Hungary, 2012
“Europerio”, Vienna, Austria, 2012
“The 5th National Congress of Dentistry UNAS”, Bucharest, Romania, 2001-2012
“Bone Augmentation Procedures in Implant Dentistry”, Bucharest, Romania, 2012
“Implant Dentistry – Basic, Advanced and Complex Level”, Varna, Bulgaria, 2012

“BASS Congress Ed XV”, Salonic, Greece, 2010 – 2011
“Augmentation in der Implantologie und Parodontologie”, Munich, Germany, 2011
“The VIth National Conference of Periodontology – surgical periodontal therapies related to general health status”, Bucharest, Romania, 2011
“Periodontal Hard Tissue Regeneration Train the Trainer”’, Belgrad, Serbia, 2011
“Periodontics, Impalntology and Pr”Amalgam vs. Clinic Composite restoration of teeth “, Timișoara, Romania, 2011

“State of the Art in Periodontology, Implantology, Endodontology”, Zell am See, Austria, 2010
“10 Years anniversary of the ‘Dentistry news’ Journal Adverse Drug Interactions in Dentistry”, Bucharest, Romania 2010
“Regenerative Periodontal Surgery” Zell am See, Austria, 2010
“GBR Technique”, Zell am See, Austria, 2010
“Advanced Anterior Implant Surgery”, Zell am See, Austria, 2010
“Comprehensive Introduction to the STRAUMANN Dental Implant System”, Bucharest, Romania, 2010

“Live Surgery Course”, Torino, Italy, 2008
“Curs Implantologie Alpha-Bio”, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2008
“New trends in bone periodontology”, A. Saadoun, Bucharest, Romania, 2008

“Europerio 6″, Stockholm, Sweden, 2009
“Plastic Aesthetic Therapy through Pariodontala” – Timișoara, Romania, 2009
“Romanian Geistlich Mucograft Pre-launch Roundtable”, Bucharest, Romania, 2009

“12th Congress of the Balkan Stomatological Society”, Istanbul, Turkey, 2007
“2nd National Congress of Menopause and Antiaging”, Bucharest, Romania, 2007
“The intensive training on plastic surgery and aesthetic regenerative periodontal therapy”, held by A. Sculean – Timișoara, Romania, 2007

“Franco – Romanian Implantology Days”, Iași, Romania, 2006
“The First International Conference Periodontics”, Bucharest, Romania, 2006

LIVE-OP “Pastor periodontal surgery – trends”, Timișoara, Romania, 2005 – 2006
“The Eighth Symposium of Banat Dental Days”, Timișoara, Romania, 2003 – 2004 -2005

“The Eighth UNAS National Congress of Dentistry”, Bucharest, Romania, 2004
“SSER and ESED Joint Meeting”, Bucharest, Romania, 2004
“First Congress on Aesthetic Dentistry in Romania”, Bucharest, Romania, 2004

“6th Congress of the Balkan Dentistry Society”, Bucharest, Romania 2001

“5th Congress of the Balkan Dentistry Society”, Thessaloniki, Greece, April, 2000
“The V International Symposium of Banat Dental Days”, Timișoara, Romania, 2000
“Treatment with regenerative periodontal guided tissue regeneration or enamel matrix protein. Biological Considerations and Clinical Applications”, Timișoara, Romania, 2000
“Tissue integration of oral implants”, Bucharest, Romania, 2000
“Exigence in prosthetic conjunction”, Bucharest, Romania, 2000
“The issue of third molar in the dentist’s vision”, Bucharest, Romania, 2000
“Theory and practice approach in modern periodontology”, Bucharest, Romania, 2000
“Reasoning in the theory and practice of modern periodontology”, Bucharest, Romania, 2000