Why choose DENT ESTET as your dental tourism destination?

Dental tourism nowadays is an evergrowing phenomenon which seems only natural when you take into consideration a number of factors: in most countries, dental treatments are expensive and also on the rise. In many cases, medical insurance does not cover critical dental procedures and surgeries and patients in great need of treatment either have to cover high expenses for dental treatments or have to suffer from chronic dental conditions.

Many patients choose to look for affordable dental treatments in other countries, without compromising the high standards of quality. There may be various reasons why people prefer dental tourism but the low treatment costs are among the biggest incentives, coupled with the high quality of the medical act.

Why entrust DENT ESTET with your smile?

If you never considered Romania before as a dental tourism destination, take into account the high quality services and available technologies at considerable low prices. For instance, a dental implant in the UK costs around 1000 GBP to 2000 GBP, while dental implants in Romania will cost around  400 GBP to 750 GBP.

Of course, another challenge is to choose the right clinic among so many options of dental tourism destinations. What are the aspects to be taken into consideration besides low costs, effective treatments and convenient travel facilities alongside the chance of vacation?

For us, the guarantee of a quality treatment represents an acknowledgement of each patient importance. This is the main value based on which we run our activity rather than a current trend and a formality. Taking a step further, in March 2008 we implemented the Quality Management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standard and we acquired the quality certificate awarded by the well-known German company, The Germanischer Lloyd Certification GmbH in Hamburg.

We went a step further and focused on the ability of our team to offer patients a comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment while offering the best treatment solutions and aftercare aided by the latest technologies available at the moment in the field.

The team:

We praise ourselves for building a well-experienced, well-trained multidisciplinary team of dentists, each specialized in a specific dental field. Team members also work together in a multidisciplinary process of diagnosis and treatment, thus our patients benefit from expert care no matter their dental condition. In 18 years of experience, DENT ESTET extended so to offer a wide range of services, from orthodontic treatments, facial esthetics and cosmetic dentistry, to dental implants and veneers, in any of our 5 dental clinics. We ensure our team members constantly attend trainings and specializing courses in their field, and also work together in a multidisciplinary process of diagnosis and treatment.

Meet the team leader:

Your first contact with the clinic will be through our Patient Care Manager, Andrei Stirbulescu, who is also the dental tourism team leader. He is also an Office Manager at DENT ESTET, so he thoroughly understands the needs and concerns of our patients. Mr. Stirbulescu is available to discuss about any of your concerns and treatment needs, he will offer support throughout your treatment, ensuring everything from treatment procedure to travel and accommodation details will suit your needs and expectations.


As much as we value our team’s talent, training and experience, we also understand the great benefits of up-to-date technology in delivering the best medical treatments. From diagnosis to aftercare, in our clinics you will find state-of-the-art equipment:

  • Computer tomograph CBCT for quick and precise diagnosis;
  • Digital Smile Design for previewing the results of esthetic dentistry procedures;
  • Trios Real Color Intraoral Scanner, latest technology in scaning equipment, guarantees patient comfort, offerig high precision real color scanning. The dental impressions are taken in digital form thus reducing the time spent by the patient in the clinic.
  • Epic Biolase Laser for dental whitening but also used in periodontology, offering precision, limited pain and quick recovery after surgery;
  • Zeiss Electronic Microscope used in endodontic surgery, offering the dentist high precision and increasing the success of the procedure;
  • PRGF Endoret Centrifuge – for quick healing and recovery after surgery.
  • in house laboratory aided by CAD/CAM technology – our dentists can focus on the patient while our in house dental technicians deliver rapid, high quality, high-functioning and esthetic works.

For patients living in the UK, we also offer after care and check-ups provided at our partner clinic based in Sheffield, by Dr. Claudiu Patrugan – Associate Dentist in IDH(Integrated Dental Holdings).

To complete your journey to Romania, you also have the chance to visit the surroundings. You can either opt for one of our leisure packages or rent a car and visit the medieval towns or see stunning natural landscapes. From the famous Bran Castle in the Carpathian Mountains to the Danube Delta by the Black Sea, you definitely have all the reasons to combine your dental treatment with a sightseeing tour.